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Aquatic Coach and Instructor Development


Olympic Committees and International aquatic federations recognize the importance of quality coaches and instructors. The first coach or instructor encountered by an emerging athlete is critical to how the athlete perceives the sport. Coaches and instructors play a vital role in developing the desire of young athletes to build their skills and aspire to the next level of competition. Our Aquatic Coach and Instructor Development program provides the knowledge and competencies required for coaches and instructors to successfully build relationships and team culture as well as deliver training routines and competition plans.

ACD 001 - Coaching Methodology

ACD 001 – Coaching Methodology

This course will introduce a framework of coaching knowledge and core competencies to coaches and instructors. The course is designed to focus on the intrapersonal and interpersonal knowledge categories, with specific attention to developing a sound coaching philosophy, creating a reliable practice of self-reflection and review, understanding the importance of communication, and shaping the environment of practices and competitions to lead to highly effective athlete experiences.

ACD 002 - Technical Coaching Skills

ACD 002 – Technical Coaching Skills

This course is designed to focus on physical, physiological, and psychological factors that affect motor skill acquisition, performance, retention, and transfer. The full range of skills from foundational movement to precision technical skills will be covered with focus on developing training plans, drill design, feedback for learning and motivation.

ACD 003 - Athlete Development

ACD 003 – Athlete Development

This course provides an overview of the stages of athletic development designed to educate coaches and instructors on the stages of athletic development and how to best teach and train athletes within each stage. The stages an athlete passes through during an athletic career will be covered including how to recognize each stage, how to transition between stages, and what techniques are best suited for an athlete within each stage.

ACD 004 - Strength and Conditioning for Athletes

ACD 004 – Strength and Conditioning for Athletes

This course provides the opportunity to learn introductory and fundamental principles related to strength and conditioning that will serve professional knowledge of the journey to becoming a quality coach or instructor. The course will explore terms and concepts in applied anatomy and physiology. An understanding of the human body’s form and function is needed prior to exploring how best to train the body to perform better. The course will also focus on the key elements of effectively incorporating a strength and conditioning program within an athlete development plan; including evaluation of athlete needs, training principles, and assessment of progress.

ACD 005 - Psychology for Athletes

ACD 005 – Psychology for Athletes

Quality coaches and instructors understand the role of psychological principles in human performance. They incorporate mental skills into practice and competition to enhance performance and athlete wellbeing. This course is designed to provide the information gleaned from research and practical knowledge, to become a more effective coach and instructor. Participants will better understand concepts such as motivation, goal-setting, attention and concentration, mental imagery, and team cohesion.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is the future of maximizing sport performance. Our Strength and Conditioning program is designed to teach the fundamental principles of strength training, conditioning and nutrition. The program is designed to provide coaches and instructors with knowledge of the physiological systems challenged by sports conditioning, strength and power training which can be used to enhance an individual and a team’s performance in competition. The program is designed to empower coaches and instructors to enable athletes to achieve their maximum performance and competitive potential while mitigating the risk of injury.

Customized Programs

We recognize the training needs of aquatic organisations can be extremely varied. To address these needs, the Academy is committed to develop and deliver customized education and training programs for our clients. If you have a specialized need for a custom program, we will do our best to meet that need. Please contact us at to discuss your specific needs.