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Beyond HR Limits Consultancy Ltd

Beyond HR Limits Consultancy Limited (BHRL), a virtual firm incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago provides Human Resources and Office Management consulting services for capacity building and institutional strengthening to organisations.

BHRL provides but is not limited to one-on-one consulting sessions, group sessions, webinars, strategic planning, office and events management. Our services are offered for an hourly rate or as per project fee in negotiation with clients.

Our services and development programmes assist clients in re-engineering business operations and achieving strategic objectives. Our services are equitable and sustainable as it provides greater transparency, accountability and effectiveness in business operations.

Organisations require a high quality of management services and training programmes for the implementation of critical service delivery. We capitalise upon this opportunity and demonstrate our commitment to enhancing quality, capacity building and sustainable service delivery for organisations.


National Governing Organisation (NGOs) Management Services National Sporting Organisation (NSOs) Management Services Corporate Management Services
Office Management Analysis Office Management Analysis Human Resources & Performance Management
Data Analysis Data Analysis Data Analysis
Audit Processing Audit Processing Audit Processing
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
Sales and Service Implementation Sales and Service Implementation Sales and Service Implementation
Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management Policy Formulation & Implementation
Business Process Reengineering Analysis Business Process Reengineering Analysis Business Process Reengineering Analysis
Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Job Specification
Policy Formulation & Implementation Policy Formulation & Implementation Organisational Development
Organisational Development Organisational Development Employee & Industrial Relations
Employee Relations Employee Relations Change Management
Research & Development Research & Development Team Building
Change Management Change Management Reward and Recognition
Conflict Management Conflict Management Conflict Management

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